Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign

Executive Summary 摘要

A traffic direction system (TDS) nicknamed Parrot TDS has been publicly reported as active since October 2021. Websites with Parrot TDS have malicious scripts injected into existing JavaScript code hosted on the server. This TDS is easily identifiable by keywords found in the injected JavaScript that we will explore to show the evolution of this threat.
自 2021 年 10 月以来,绰号为 Parrot TDS 的交通方向系统 (TDS) 已被公开报道为活跃。具有 Parrot TDS 的网站将恶意脚本注入到服务器上托管的现有 JavaScript 代码中。这个 TDS 很容易通过在注入的 JavaScript 中找到的关键字来识别,我们将探索这些关键字以显示这种威胁的演变。

This injected script consists of two components: an initial landing script that profiles the victim, and a payload script that can direct the victim’s browser to a malicious location or piece of content. To help the reader better understand Parrot TDS, this article provides in-depth analysis of the landing scripts and payload scripts we have collected from this campaign.
此注入脚本由两个组件组成:一个用于分析受害者的初始登陆脚本,以及一个可以将受害者的浏览器定向到恶意位置或内容片段的有效负载脚本。为了帮助读者更好地理解 Parrot TDS,本文深入分析了我们从此次活动中收集的登陆脚本和有效负载脚本。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign

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Table of Contents 目录

Background 背景
Parrot TDS Overview Parrot TDS概览
Chain of Events for Parrot TDS Payload Distribution
Parrot TDS 有效负载分发的事件链

Parrot TDS Landing Script
Parrot TDS 登陆脚本

Parrot TDS Payload Script
Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本

Targets of Parrot TDS

Conclusion 结论
Protections and Mitigations

Indicators of Compromise

Landing Script Examples 登陆脚本示例
Payload Script Examples 有效负载脚本示例
Additional Resources 其他资源

Background 背景

In early September 2023, we investigated a notification concerning a compromised website based in Brazil. Our investigation revealed that this website served pages with injected JavaScript identified as Parrot TDS. Further research uncovered many variations of Parrot TDS script from various servers worldwide.
2023 年 9 月初,我们调查了有关巴西受感染网站的通知。我们的调查显示,该网站提供的页面注入了被识别为 Parrot TDS 的 JavaScript。进一步的研究发现了来自全球各种服务器的 Parrot TDS 脚本的许多变体。

Our research reveals several versions of injected JavaScript associated with this campaign. Before reviewing all variations of this script, we should better understand the basic nature of Parrot TDS.
我们的研究揭示了与此活动相关的注入 JavaScript 的几个版本。在回顾这个脚本的所有变体之前,我们应该更好地了解 Parrot TDS 的基本性质。

Parrot TDS Overview Parrot TDS概览

While campaigns involving malicious or injected JavaScript code are fairly common, Parrot TDS is notable due to its wide scope and ability to threaten millions of potential victims. This TDS is easily identifiable by keywords from the injected JavaScript, such as:
虽然涉及恶意或注入 JavaScript 代码的活动相当普遍,但 Parrot TDS 因其广泛的范围和威胁数百万潜在受害者的能力而引人注目。此 TDS 很容易通过注入的 JavaScript 中的关键字来识别,例如:

  • Ndsj NDSJ公司
  • Ndsw 钕钕
  • Ndsx Ndsx的

The threat operators have consistently used these keywords for Parrot TDS. The presence of these keywords makes it easier for researchers to group samples from this campaign together, making it one of the most investigated campaigns in recent years.
威胁运营商一直将这些关键字用于 Parrot TDS。这些关键词的存在使研究人员更容易将该活动的样本组合在一起,使其成为近年来调查最多的活动之一。

Although its origin remains unclear and public reports indicate Parrot TDS started in 2021, our data indicates it first appeared as early as 2019, with full samples available by August of that year. This relatively high-profile campaign would in that case have been active for more than four years.
尽管它的起源尚不清楚,公开报告显示鹦鹉 TDS 始于 2021 年,但我们的数据表明它早在 2019 年就首次出现,并于当年 8 月提供完整样本。在这种情况下,这项相对引人注目的运动已经活跃了四年多。

Our investigation into Parrot TDS has revealed different versions of injected JavaScript that illustrate its evolution. Throughout its evolution, the chain of events used by Parrot TDS has remained consistent.
我们对 Parrot TDS 的调查揭示了不同版本的注入 JavaScript,说明了它的演变。在整个演变过程中,Parrot TDS 使用的事件链始终保持一致。

Chain of Events for Parrot TDS Payload Distribution
Parrot TDS 有效负载分发的事件链

Although we have observed different versions of Parrot TDS, the attack chain follows the same basic pattern as shown below in Figure 1.
尽管我们观察到了不同版本的 Parrot TDS,但攻击链遵循相同的基本模式,如下图 1 所示。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 1. Chain of events for payload distribution through Parrot TDS.
图 1.通过 Parrot TDS 分发有效载荷的事件链。

In most cases, a web server compromised by Parrot TDS injects a landing JavaScript code snippet into existing JavaScript files. This code usually contains keywords such as ndsj or ndsw.
在大多数情况下,被 Parrot TDS 入侵的 Web 服务器会将登陆 JavaScript 代码片段注入到现有的 JavaScript 文件中。此代码通常包含 ndsj 或 ndsw 等关键字。

We call this the Parrot TDS “landing script” as shown above in Steps 3 and 4 from Figure 1. The landing script conducts environment checks as a way to avoid detection.
我们将其称为 Parrot TDS“登陆脚本”,如上面图 1 中的步骤 3 和 4 所示。登陆脚本执行环境检查,作为避免检测的一种方式。

If conditions set by the landing script are successfully met, the victim’s web browser queries a payload server. This payload server then returns a JavaScript payload containing keywords such as ndsx.
如果成功满足登陆脚本设置的条件,受害者的 Web 浏览器将查询有效负载服务器。然后,此有效负载服务器返回包含关键字(如 ndsx)的 JavaScript 有效负载。

We call this second script the “payload script” as shown in Steps 5 and 6 from Figure 1 above. The Parrot TDS payload script can direct the victim’s browser to a malicious webpage or other potentially harmful content.
我们将第二个脚本称为“有效负载脚本”,如上面图 1 中的步骤 5 和 6 所示。Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本可以将受害者的浏览器定向到恶意网页或其他可能有害的内容。

Ultimately, the two components we have identified from Parrot TDS traffic are:
最终,我们从 Parrot TDS 流量中识别出的两个组件是:

  • Landing scripts (usually containing keywords ndsj or ndsw)
    登陆脚本(通常包含关键字 ndsj 或 ndsw)
  • Payload scripts (containing keywords such as ndsx)
    有效负载脚本(包含 ndsx 等关键字)

To better understand these two components, we must first examine the landing script.

Parrot TDS Landing Script
Parrot TDS 登陆脚本

We analyzed more than 10,000 Parrot TDS landing scripts from internal and external data sources. The range of this dataset is from August 2019 through October 2023.
我们分析了来自内部和外部数据源的 10,000 多个 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本。此数据集的范围为 2019 年 8 月至 2023 年 10 月。

These samples reveal four versions of Parrot TDS landing script that represent approximately 95.8% of the collected data as indicated in Figure 2 below. The remaining 4.2% could be the future of this campaign, since the characteristics of these samples do not match the four versions of landing script we have identified so far.
这些样本揭示了四个版本的 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本,它们代表了大约 95.8% 的收集数据,如下图 2 所示。剩下的 4.2% 可能是这个活动的未来,因为这些样本的特征与我们迄今为止确定的四个版本的登陆脚本不匹配。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 2. Pie chart showing Parrot TDS landing script distribution.
图2.显示 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本分布的饼图。

The four versions of Parrot TDS landing script from 95.8% of our samples use either the keyword ndsw or ndsj, while the other 4.2% use the keyword ndsj. Scripts with the keyword ndsj use more obfuscation techniques such as CanvasdecodeURI or WebAssembly.
来自我们 95.8% 样本的四个版本的 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本使用关键字 ndsw 或 ndsj,而另外 4.2% 使用关键字 ndsj。带有关键字 ndsj 的脚本使用更多的混淆技术,例如 Canvas、decodeURI 或 WebAssembly。

Most Parrot TDS landing scripts from earlier in the campaign were injected as a single line of code, often appended at the end of JavaScript files served from the compromised website. We identify this as Version 1 (V1), and Figure 3 shows one such example. Note: We will acronymize each version as V paired with its sequential version number for the remainder of the article.
在活动早期的大多数 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本都是作为单行代码注入的,通常附加在受感染网站提供的 JavaScript 文件的末尾。我们将其标识为版本 1 (V1),图 3 显示了一个这样的示例。注意:在本文的其余部分,我们将每个版本首字母缩写为 V,并与其顺序版本号配对。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 3. Example of landing script V1. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图3.登陆脚本 V1 的示例。样本来源:VirusTotal。

The example in Figure 3 indicates a single line of injected code, with the JavaScript normalized and beautified above it.
图 3 中的示例表示一行注入的代码,其上方对 JavaScript 进行了规范化和美化。

The different landing script versions have no significant differences in the core function of the injected script. Later versions include more obfuscation. The V1 sample from Figure 3 above shows the core function quite clearly. The sixth line of beautified JavaScript code shows an XMLHTTPRequest that interacts with the payload server and executes the response as a payload.
不同的登陆脚本版本在注入脚本的核心功能上没有显著差异。更高版本包含更多的混淆。上图 3 中的 V1 示例非常清楚地显示了核心功能。美化的 JavaScript 代码的第六行显示了一个 XMLHTTPRequest,它与有效负载服务器交互并将响应作为有效负载执行。

The major function and workflow of the landing script of V2 are almost the same as those of V1. The only difference is that V2 appends a token every time it interacts with the payload server. This token contains two random strings as noted below in Figure 4, and the token is usually 21-22 bytes long.
V2 登陆脚本的主要功能和工作流程与 V1 几乎相同。唯一的区别是 V2 每次与有效负载服务器交互时都会附加一个令牌。此令牌包含两个随机字符串,如下图 4 所示,令牌的长度通常为 21-22 字节。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 4. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V2. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图4.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V2 示例。样本来源:VirusTotal。

Compared to V1 and V2, the landing script for V3 looks very different. V3 includes a new function that primarily serves as storage for strings, noted as “serving strings” in Figure 5 below.
与 V1 和 V2 相比,V3 的登陆脚本看起来非常不同。V3 包含一个新函数,主要用作字符串的存储,在下面的图 5 中标记为“服务字符串”。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 5. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V3, part 1 of 3. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图5.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V3 示例,第 1 部分,共 3 部分。样本来源:VirusTotal。

Parrot TDS landing script V3 hosts a long array of strings. Each string in the array could be a word or part of a word used by other functions to dynamically construct a keyword or string at runtime.
Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V3 托管一长串字符串。数组中的每个字符串都可以是单词,也可以是单词的一部分,其他函数用于在运行时动态构造关键字或字符串。

Also shown in Figure 5, another function modifies the string array from the previously-noted function. This makes static deobfuscation for analysis more difficult. Other than that, the core function of V3 is not much different from previous versions.
同样如图 5 所示,另一个函数修改了前面提到的函数的字符串数组。这使得用于分析的静态去混淆更加困难。除此之外,V3 的核心功能与之前的版本没有太大区别。

The remaining portions of our V3 landing script example are shown below in Figures 6 and 7.
V3 登陆脚本示例的其余部分如图 6 和图 7 所示。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 6. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V3, part 2 of 3.
图6.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V3 示例,第 2 部分,共 3 部分。
Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 7. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V3, part 3 of 3.
图7.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V3 示例,第 3 部分,共 3 部分。

Compared to V3, V4 landing scripts contain additional obfuscation and use somewhat different array indexes. V4 also implements additional changes affecting how its JavaScript handles numbers and strings. Despite these changes, V4 has the same overall functionality as V3 landing scripts.
与 V3 相比,V4 登陆脚本包含额外的模糊处理,并且使用略有不同的数组索引。V4 还实现了影响其 JavaScript 处理数字和字符串方式的其他更改。尽管发生了这些变化,但 V4 具有与 V3 登陆脚本相同的整体功能。

Figures 8 through 11 below show an example of a V4 landing script.
下面的图 8 到图 11 显示了 V4 登陆脚本的示例。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 8. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V4, part 1 of 4. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图8.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V4 示例,第 1 部分,共 4 部分。样本来源:VirusTotal。
Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 9. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V4, part 2 of 4.
图 9.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V4 示例,第 2 部分,共 4 部分。
Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 10. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V4, part 3 of 4.
图 10.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V4 示例,第 3 部分,共 4 部分。
Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 11. Example of Parrot TDS landing script V4, part 4 of 4.
图 11.Parrot TDS 登陆脚本 V4 示例,第 4 部分,共 4 部分。

Parrot TDS landing script samples using an ndsj keyword are much rarer than ndsw in our collected data. We treat the majority of ndsj landing script samples as minor versions among V3 and V4.
在我们收集的数据中,使用 ndsj 关键字的 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本样本比 ndsw 少得多。我们将大多数 ndsj 登陆脚本样本视为 V3 和 V4 中的次要版本。

In reviewing our collected landing script samples, we found other versions that do not fully fit V1 through V4 or the ndsj landing scripts. These samples include:
在查看我们收集的登陆脚本样本时,我们发现其他版本不完全适合 V1 到 V4 或 ndsj 登陆脚本。这些示例包括:

  • A special version that loads its payload with a Canvas object
    使用 Canvas 对象加载其有效负载的特殊版本
  • Advanced versions that involve more obfuscation and WebAssembly code such as decodeURIComponent and String.fromCharCode
    涉及更多混淆和 WebAssembly 代码的高级版本,例如 decodeURIComponent 和 String.fromCharCode
  • Samples that also contain injected JavaScript code from different campaigns (if a web server remains vulnerable for an extended period of time, its JavaScript files could be injected with many different snippets of malicious code)
    还包含来自不同活动的注入 JavaScript 代码的示例(如果 Web 服务器在很长一段时间内仍然容易受到攻击,则其 JavaScript 文件可能会注入许多不同的恶意代码片段)
  • Several minor versions that apply interchangeable obfuscation, such as using a number value or string value, or using [] or a period to access the property of an object – the numeric or string values can also be represented as decimal or hexadecimal numbers
    应用可互换混淆的几个次要版本,例如使用数字值或字符串值,或者使用 [] 或句点访问对象的属性 – 数值或字符串值也可以表示为十进制或十六进制数

While earlier samples of the injected landing script consist of a single line of JavaScript code, we observed an increasing number of Parrot TDS samples with multiple lines of injected JavaScript code since August 2022. This is likely an evasion technique, since a single long line of malicious code is easier to spot in a script file than multiple lines of shorter malicious code.
虽然注入登陆脚本的早期示例由一行 JavaScript 代码组成,但自 2022 年 8 月以来,我们观察到越来越多的 Parrot TDS 示例包含多行注入的 JavaScript 代码。这可能是一种规避技术,因为单长行恶意代码比多行较短的恶意代码更容易在脚本文件中发现。

Parrot TDS landing scripts profile the victim’s web browser, and if all conditions are successfully met, they direct the victim’s browser to retrieve a payload script.
Parrot TDS 登陆脚本会分析受害者的 Web 浏览器,如果成功满足所有条件,它们会指示受害者的浏览器检索有效负载脚本。

Parrot TDS Payload Script
Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本

Parrot TDS payload scripts use an ndsx keyword, making them relatively easy to identify.
Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本使用 ndsx 关键字,使其相对容易识别。

Compared to the landing scripts, we found fewer unique samples of Parrot TDS payload scripts. We have classified these into nine versions, compared to the four major versions of Parrot TDS landing scripts.
与登陆脚本相比,我们发现 Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本的唯一样本更少。我们将它们分为九个版本,而 Parrot TDS 登陆脚本的四个主要版本则不同。

These payload scripts are mostly malicious, but V1 only sets a cookie value for the victim and is basically benign. The other eight major versions of the Parrot TDS payload script are malicious.
这些有效负载脚本大多是恶意的,但 V1 只为受害者设置了一个 cookie 值,基本上是良性的。Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本的其他八个主要版本是恶意的。

V2 is the most common payload script, representing more than 70% of our sample set. Figure 12 shows a column chart revealing the Parrot TDS payload script distribution.
V2 是最常见的有效负载脚本,占我们样本集的 70% 以上。图 12 显示了一个柱形图,显示了 Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本分布。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 12. Column chart showing Parrot TDS payload script distribution.

V1 is the simplest version of the Parrot TDS payload script, and it merely sets a cookie that expires after one year as shown below in Figure 13. This payload script is effectively benign.

A Parrot TDS landing script will only query the payload server if the victim’s browser has no cookie set by a previous payload script. This V1 payload script basically removes the current browser from any follow-up actions for one year.

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 13. Example of Parrot TDS payload script V1. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图 13.Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本 V1 的示例。样本来源:VirusTotal。

The V2 payload script is straightforward. Without any obfuscation, it creates a new script tag to load JavaScript from a malicious URL as shown in Figure 14.
V2 有效负载脚本非常简单。在没有任何混淆的情况下,它会创建一个新的脚本标记来从恶意 URL 加载 JavaScript,如图 14 所示。

This payload script is the most common version we see for Parrot TDS. Around 70% of our collected payload samples are V2.
这个有效负载脚本是我们在 Parrot TDS 中看到的最常见版本。我们收集的有效载荷样本中约有 70% 是 V2。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 14. Example of Parrot TDS payload script V2. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图 14.Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本 V2 的示例。样本来源:VirusTotal。

Parrot TDS payload script V3 contains obfuscation and only targets victims running Microsoft Windows. Figure 15 shows an example of a V3 payload script.
Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本 V3 包含混淆,仅针对运行 Microsoft Windows 的受害者。图 15 显示了 V3 有效负载脚本的示例。

In the bottom third of the script, ls represents a decode function that decodes several strings in the script. Our investigation revealed that V3 payload scripts will check for the following conditions:
在脚本的底部三分之一处,ls 表示一个解码函数,用于解码脚本中的多个字符串。我们的调查显示,V3 有效负载脚本将检查以下情况:

  • A referrer
  • Acceptable URL format
  • A platform identifier of “windows”
  • That Parrot TDS had not previously set a cookie

After passing all checks, the V3 payload script functions the same as V2, loading an additional script from a malicious URL.

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 15. Example of Parrot TDS payload script V2. Source of sample: VirusTotal.

V4 and V5 payload scripts are similar. V4 is effectively a V1 payload script plus additional code as shown in Figure 16.
V4 和 V5 有效负载脚本类似。V4 实际上是一个 V1 有效负载脚本加上附加代码,如图 16 所示。

V5 is effectively a V2 payload script plus additional code (see Figure 17). In both cases, the additional code appears before the original V1 or V2 functions.
V5 实际上是一个 V2 有效负载脚本加上附加代码(参见图 17)。在这两种情况下,附加代码都出现在原始 V1 或 V2 函数之前。

Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 16. Example of Parrot TDS payload script V4. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
Parrot TDS: A Persistent and Evolving Malware Campaign
Figure 17. Example of Parrot TDS payload script V5. Source of sample: VirusTotal.
图 17.Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本 V5 示例。样本来源:VirusTotal。

With V4 and V5, Parrot TDS payload scripts involve more obfuscation, which is similar to the obfuscation seen in V3 landing scripts. The core function of this extra payload script code is to hook all clickable links in the landing page. Whenever a visitor to the webpage clicks a link, the script will create a new image object and load from a specific URL.
在 V4 和 V5 中,Parrot TDS 有效负载脚本涉及更多的混淆,这类似于 V3 登陆脚本中看到的混淆。这个额外的有效负载脚本代码的核心功能是挂钩登陆页面中所有可点击的链接。每当网页的访问者单击链接时,脚本都会创建一个新的图像对象并从特定 URL 加载。

V6 through V9 of the payload script include more obfuscation. These are very rare in our dataset.
有效负载脚本的 V6 到 V9 包含更多的混淆。这些在我们的数据集中非常罕见。

Targets of Parrot TDS 鹦鹉TDS的目标

Parrot TDS is part of an ongoing campaign targeting victims across the globe. We see landing script or payload script samples daily from a variety of websites compromised through this campaign. While our study began with a tip about a compromised Brazilian website, the variety of compromised websites we found serving Parrot TDS indicates victims are not limited to a single industry, nationality or geographic area.

The attackers likely use automatic tools to exploit known vulnerabilities. The majority of the compromised servers use WordPress, Joomla or other content management systems (CMS) to host a website. Even websites without CMS could be compromised through this campaign, since server-side vulnerabilities are not limited to CMS.


Parrot TDS is a notable part of our threat landscape. This campaign has lasted more than four years, and it keeps evolving with new techniques and obfuscations. Most websites compromised through this campaign use some sort of CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

Website administrators can detect if Parrot TDS has compromised their sites by searching files hosted on the associated web server. For example, they can search server content for the keywords associated with Parrot TDS, like ndsjndsw and ndsx. Administrators can also conduct an audit to discover any extra .php files on a web server.
网站管理员可以通过搜索托管在关联 Web 服务器上的文件来检测 Parrot TDS 是否入侵了他们的网站。例如,他们可以在服务器内容中搜索与 Parrot TDS 关联的关键字,例如 ndsj、ndsw 和 ndsx。管理员还可以进行审核以发现 Web 服务器上的任何额外 .php 文件。

Protections and Mitigations

Palo Alto Networks customers are better protected from the threats discussed above through the following products:
Palo Alto Networks 客户通过以下产品可以更好地抵御上述威胁:

The Next-Generation Firewall with the Advanced Threat Prevention security subscription can help block the Webshell file traffic with best practices via the following Threat Prevention signatures: 94702
具有高级威胁防护安全订阅的下一代防火墙可以通过以下威胁防护签名通过最佳做法帮助阻止 Webshell 文件流量:94702

  • Advanced WildFire: The Advanced WildFire machine-learning models and analysis techniques have been reviewed and updated in light of the IoCs shared in this research.
    高级野火:高级野火机器学习模型和分析技术已根据本研究中共享的 IoC 进行了审查和更新。
  • Advanced URL Filtering identifies all known IoCs related to this campaign as malicious.
    高级 URL 过滤功能可将与此活动相关的所有已知 IoC 标识为恶意 IoC。

If you think you might have been compromised or have an urgent matter, contact the Unit 42 Incident Response team or call:
如果您认为自己可能已受到威胁或有紧急事项,请联系 Unit 42 事件响应团队或致电:

  • North America Toll-Free: 866.486.4842 (866.4.UNIT42)
    北美免费电话:866.486.4842 (866.4.UNIT42)
  • EMEA: + 欧洲、中东和非洲:+
  • APAC: +65.6983.8730 亚太地区:+65.6983.8730
  • Japan: +81.50.1790.0200 日本:+81.50.1790.0200

Palo Alto Networks has shared our findings with our fellow Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) members. CTA members use this intelligence to rapidly deploy protections to their customers and to systematically disrupt malicious cyber actors. Learn more about the Cyber Threat Alliance.
Palo Alto Networks 与我们的网络威胁联盟 (CTA) 成员分享了我们的发现。CTA 成员使用这种情报快速为其客户部署保护措施,并系统地破坏恶意网络行为者。了解有关网络威胁联盟的更多信息。

Indicators of Compromise

Landing Script Examples

The following are SHA256 hashes for 100 examples of JavaScript files with injected landing script code for Parrot TDS. These files have been submitted to VirusTotal.

  • 0006060d1efe85b23f68f1b6fc086ab2fd5f2d80ca2e363cd0c000fd5a175ce2
  • 000954817a815dd64b6f061fbc28a8c7919616bb1708abb58754d680772a935c
  • 00163ddc2d61a97f58b06ba35cd8b6062a81b6e2b15a9f3917358efedd40a3c5
  • 001ab3bfd48219fa355adf76006118bfc50e9ea3abaf3ff331159c21bf0c3028
  • 00278f1d3b38242b0c461b98f4ad77ee7d10c85204291c02c6c23a472613c4da
  • 00399f6e2d64aa631f5e9fe60e2da4c189535ff79e5e557b9244662866285872
  • 003bef5d2f093a8dad8cae8635d9986d023f515b799373dec008ba75490a9308
  • 003d2f4ade543f7b35999c51d06f6b3cdb0c25dc18816358f76b59698a77aa5d
  • 0044d4afd6e12e6ede2f5fe59943de23b8a986df1e8e4b2f3445dcc5c3ab8208
  • 0048c341751674cca947df44aa1319e58036ca9192415ed63ab8b5a2413e031c
  • 004be99a81506cc2ed4e94a667bb6771140c84a51f61902a24a55b2fd265af29
  • 004d8253f02277ac50955aa0ef6c1a460ce798d94201959079ecdf35dc2f4c63
  • 004dc3e4f73cef86a5476aeaa41de85a8bebea06a2e7f7f654b33640078ffb0a
  • 0050e225e781ee415fae74108108de3200eb3010e2c77e8d265882d3e9c7399c
  • 0054bc9d7a5fc4d630c79d3641ac32f65ab3e61c9c82ad2edca6dcab5a050c65
  • 0059da8643270d09d5b60ea2bbd0d459d6ce54cd54e27facbd8a9b748643fa4b
  • 006154fbc565b387c800206323d80b61fd4a16525fbfc682ae1d7c458aceab58
  • 006a7ae01c1b1939ada3639e59ce8513aa489cd9f59f80a20205e4474ecf0082
  • 0073932eece5b9817b80d1fe1c219a72f0b8d3764039e3313672d938b14f2d8e
  • 00789e764859a749d79a1927e070e2959473f0cf6e0ca2be5b0f666a4e8926c1
  • 007a56bddc9c2171771bcbb654b85b8039c3342ac83fdb060bc2f24d1c5d8814
  • 0087f64098d10cce64219f8456702611e462ab755c4e5cc2e4d719add810e98c
  • 00a23761ffe9a3cefb79be72155354305116d0f60f41b01b0d2f37cbce61d9a5
  • 00be4cae7ccf629d22c6c9c1842341309eac1eb9e7e83ed1ab28997f3c3d4e96
  • 00bf309f513ee8c46435433bf8f1ec19527d16b4f976da1403f8fb753506571a
  • 00bffe2fabe6a57a21d912f4111bd9451e388adcebb1d023fa2c3fe079aad24d
  • 00c11daf1c18160eba63de3b2d712cc8c0abe457f993cc2f81f8c746fc970c12
  • 00c28bfec1fe8ecd139c06791293298430353e449115ef712fdcaae57e35f46f
  • 00dabc4c7753c6b608a8889f9d1367edca1bc2c3b6e92744e0b50abca33b8a87
  • 00ddbc6dc6b571681fae2c4a2d72cd9a7129ee800f326e33279cb337fafc93ce
  • 00df68a21172ddb20bde5bce4606b814022e4bba5fdc5cac457b7f1643f625ff
  • 00ec04f09b4c045e2b95f0ac4723a58457522e3c39fb6157e8d4213c12be0540
  • 00ee956dd06c3a14962c1ea8c447cc2d3e63a28c486dc0bd50e535674ae63c56
  • 00fb7abeb8464e01fe3043b2544bd71a82a9466c5c3ac6b954e62e87314d585a
  • 010622ece3ec9199668bfd2d1637149ede9c242e9672a7531cdaab86da849f77
  • 010fde6958e0107c2d543b2d6afbe492efbfa5fd44cd0a75185c779f31e16df9
  • 01124a700f6984062f26e34dff117b87b7d269557817a7241fa1d00ad5d780a0
  • 011478985c03b81ed04d6d4ce598baf3f7d48aa6e3a58f24de0e74bfe0cadd3b
  • 01235cf8181552124cbd76232607f1a60e8f82c48e0f013765ad6bda59b34e01
  • 0124566011742f850ed029a1aaa11a08ca00bd7f9775df45b0a9bc8740e89c04
  • 0126c6520a793efe328e9820dcbc9d42732f4cfb4b6fd25919d07e7b6c23c781
  • 012830c380ec979ab925b9bed84e6052e2ff5259409fc0bbc49b544e8030b19c
  • 0128a7881e686a5e291fcbd93644d8e670f98802412a5338701222dc5f9a28ca
  • 012b2cfe603de4ade7370ae7ba585e36c818c4193341b488872a4dbdd07bcc2d
  • 01366391de90229ac2b8a7269a4a42df9bd1709f51aece7164ffa4531f518811
  • 0137d093587fb1f42985ca271c8d2d1d601da410168491b66b154d4d003d332c
  • 013f3f2248ad31ebd52e1cf5c139d13bab6690734248bc2a6c83f06fbe43260c
  • 0141c2fe63d36c43558b67f0b884389366b13da3e9f68897b147a445f3328442
  • 01425b3c993e51d80f4e3b5a8f949b25e4fb30e9e9377507ac8b4fd3b7a69ff9
  • 0143d1989d04d70fc035e7eba21ef46b27f2673fd3a7e9df78a802179c33105d
  • 01585ae455c2bbe6471d718bcf845eca55f80e24963d562d847f81eafc672ec1
  • 0159a56803cebaf1544a44e3cee01df30505afb390b83371fa8cbb1d46353800
  • 01660ed180b9d0e4e19d7da313cd8ca818211ce36948eb31742e3da85a51580f
  • 01663c903d345f4aa71e7141e4bffcc25f244c898bf4eda96d9514322ca6e13c
  • 017ff4946dd00acc0da7ddc48e23c9736f735e2dcf0a83cb5613b433fca1960c
  • 018087b1bac5e86f4b6dce4d8c5fdc77c53b96280fe37342a74585e89b9b9665
  • 018f392c9cbf6640dae7d457b33be7d81a08612c911add177c7c5bb39876efc7
  • 01a482c79849908879a39eeacf77078b531f29e5d86c9e9f578a97b2313c98fe
  • 01af830f79aad912bd8a3438bc9e914e159a112df657a1610f50527304657139
  • 01b8b7cf7a93077119aa5062554bb662be230b2e2655a8e53b44b482f4c73a3a
  • 01be768e7bc9ef499ec5b37e4dffecfaab9346489d27b1d6de3b9a67db584e2d
  • 01dc27a4be3f69ebba64a71afde7a4158436b2a423174c6a2196efe9342a870c
  • 01dd3fed62220c53eb9208ab00d0fcce62cf76841e532a9474da5ed47563b978
  • 01de1c2f03c920ac64e73dfdbca363c1f8888534981c6215365b2514b9192f93
  • 01eb0535321d4d1ef0d5f5b3dbb91c341b75e8dbd129c40801c26abcf650331f
  • 01ec9cf7d9cba1294a8dd4803766c37bf20c4cd57d5ae26d990083076d170ea1
  • 01eed0382a2938c7733fc823ee43b2414116237e5793789dafa274e451d1dd75
  • 0203c29fe1c34417e158624fe4f352513f076302b1179a854a5351613b75b9bf
  • 020e6aa377b6ef4ef45efe0906b3b5dfdfe7381099a8fa080a58a457eaef934e
  • 0214510764fee618b8fe18aeb72f643218dde5252d1d568f0fad735ea861f1a8
  • 021519c6b0c63ccadd416fddbabc28001f1b6e8c09cac93a076a013cb98d3afb
  • 021a5e6f490622bbc79d0d42b444ccc856b4e8cfcb77df3d01bad9c8f1177a3b
  • 021a60787a1d4acdfa44fd27510e6aaa6305807c48e8209c892458e43d360323
  • 021cd5b198f6bbf78aacb3f716a7f3355cdac98d835d493b6cb85ee4b9adc8a0
  • 02216dfca8323263933ff53130796d3a445e44251f02c241d95c6bc0f81721cc
  • 022668b33b118e73d391aaf790bd06bb3bb03dc13b58a28a70dde3dc485ecf5b
  • 022feae2851e7993780e08ea328e36521e91c695f3a5304e0dd1df678d7f6c3b
  • 0237268899c037aaee7bde29e28a08f89230e92bbef33dbf0f17ad58ee53af55
  • 023dcc38a7a55f941818aa307203216c6eaf50f8fed529a4c636a89f70119717
  • 0250e4baf4fbd9aba84b25968a7debd4ce83360e0ebef03d5ccbb24f9e17ecf8
  • 0252b75589fe832eb103d64ed7f5e1dcb6417babd6e290c34c79093ff312092f
  • 0255da103745a213d50a2d86770d5381add6bd84bea41edd93ac746c019565ca
  • 025cf7e1e1f39c001c627cf42be1be14ef52a42f760e03db922246a7b114aec1
  • 026cb95e6b415355767655b9f706e1c1f9bf20b242e65aa47b8e1279068f718f
  • 027079961030e5af9bb7382acb2c6b19221b41255f801be540c07b484cded4d7
  • 0270d194a2d4499468b8461796e1cb3d1af301df6b12c2b7193a8baef8c13ce3
  • 0279bd4320fb5025a9d740bbdd0cf2aafb477d684af4ea1ca0e83bab424527fa
  • 02868c886de5090362c6d503e6549e65fbe975f1fa03ddfb18fb0432f5f6bfb4
  • 028d5b2992d88d52ea9e80625e25c324b665fb784bfa9daec3ebba16d01a8348
  • 029415b96774d15e7e2acd2ed45907f67617217345a6aea1fdf65fdb4353e52b
  • 029c44784556ca319015548c3dbeb92b025ed72f918d1d8245b6a6a321a64b7c
  • 02b2312ce68bc4ac2c59ee905b23f8f9d2dfb3fd0f38b5ef896f59e6d74834f8
  • 02b467d42c7d26cdc480ead7c678c2930dc315882caf5531a3e3d503b118d5ad
  • 02c5ebe4418bad22a508f0d430ca1ec6b3d419011f94041b70ad636c89e98980
  • 02d7c155eef3da89d00ecf3718084c361675f3ccd84162cc00f2d4124b9a2346
  • 02e141ad62fc2f8514cdd8221be61f68a9d13de939fa850c4185154538d7c9fb
  • 02f5e9ff5293fd5855d35337e8bb3e3a03b47afa7e71a06de2f8cfd557f4f0d6
  • 02f7b2f58da74dde5a1f09b2492c8f6fa56bb009900378feaf057e6577de8a2f
  • 02fbcc9f2971840c5381b1e0f5052b1067c82ea353e7d2ec6810d001ce25dfff
  • 02fcddc3c5383b505fa9babc3fce93118abedcb7203b8921933f815eb7c7a879

Payload Script Examples 有效负载脚本示例

The following are SHA256 hashes for 100 examples of JavaScript files with injected payload script code for Parrot TDS. These files have been submitted to VirusTotal.
以下是 100 个 JavaScript 文件示例的 SHA256 哈希值,其中包含 Parrot TDS 的注入有效负载脚本代码。这些文件已提交到 VirusTotal。

  • 0009fe8aa339fb489abcfd711d5c7b2a70b7d57ae55aae3922669f72cbf5964f
  • 0234918db61115aaa0c3be708084dae30feee8d97a41a011e3fbb06d745c496c
  • 05bcb1f5aa6284333985186f3329f9226d80225fcd25436575aff7735cd4f6e1 
  • 0641128e6dba0c69644810e8af88af80ad734af52fe734c655ce26f5a3641097 
  • 07f56d3fca2f26e41e9b5a9e3cc6d3bdc6edce18fa12276bc19bab5c3fb19b26 
  • 09c4ea62962848f48cfc68d905675bc466574a8011acb79b721b688ec7bfec12 
  • 09e06b3fa2194b76a1e73483614ec3f3ab076c55134c3d45e7ac9ea452e51176 
  • 0a10157a920b190fb2fba6b6df34e12fd4532e52bc71700b9cefa73f95e60fe6 
  • 0cf4f33985dff5e1e7d37d8d5485b3561ffa42d0a31acec10321cdc28c31abdf 
  • 0f20659f7cea84ef3b1def6c54555454b1820fd8adf9866b2ea3ed18e341babb 
  • 0f334075e5379be32d176048287ea8b787d524e34630509a74ec4cd90fc1b0dd 
  • 137bb7784088669d1432243831896cfe5b5fc02d7f207de26d16220b38335c90 
  • 174fb6597444ff6d7d59d2981f6aad54c99e763a6123d52319bb2d0ba84bfd29 
  • 175a0bb57ec0e0a5728b7f8455a968861dc50c42a1ce8eb437d8b98fd394ea47 
  • 1ab04ee02b5359662c26c4c1f10f711d707ac23293193cbcba3cc84d0d070000 
  • 1c8bbb02dd1fd46e442caad6fba174b966ea5bd9d27d6315991b904792693d54 
  • 1ca06df44cce9aa64294a8e55c41e654ab6b766ab76faa39a34363cce4e83e08 
  • 1e01bf738bc665f149b0793af461a43f4330ecf99dd068e2b7abd038c46ef417 
  • 1e5ca993bc0afee9eb23436ea2e0bfbede934ce2be850d3122cc429fd73d01c1 
  • 1e6d8d031bbb4a4e15f8c15941dc27944e62727116338957306db9610351911a 
  • 20f9cd4ef8616afb8a62eabf6ca1c252c54021dc03ba621bab2e00db8fb6bbc1 
  • 21114a66a1934b806a8b1b76f924fdb9876047316ba8d26c2ac94c1b0e908cb5 
  • 244221e80cbc510ea4e62f49fc1a377dcc5365899c2f92f7807b91cdeb20476d 
  • 25786bcc47e97d9e55588b4e2962aeb9760cd546629bb5fd08799ba8c9e8d027 
  • 25af4cd7c60671f1af9bbf17441b8951b8751ee1299dd7fa97ba4afd6021642c 
  • 25e4bc712d895d8bfce72fab30eef25da18591979c672d1fbd976bac2e0cf1ca 
  • 2707ac252eb0abce8dcb9b1eb35b4d306e111e59e09f6acb03180425ee81fd4f
  • 2726854efc42c00d7064abf99ef451d05975e7461c42e7897ba1b0c6336f153e
  • 2c961d64aeefe73c43a96739c52047fd1f39af5af86e388689531cdd83b00045
  • 2c9eafa9914032112c170e3dc12d40c03ee1e873bade8bfed36b6a7759ff1dd5
  • 2dd1db4ff9da32d73ac876e513f20c1da6d83031969f645e3e014e96134a8aac
  • 2f9e5ea05aa8cd81c1c1f0914220557c5dc4a8bc42ee822bd327e3cfc3328f45
  • 2ff953a5d7e760ad4d4a06d2ad68d43c42f388a9c6fb6e9d0c6341dd05c33374
  • 3032a2affd7d9a3dd9418b3fab3c88af2bc0f71e3baaad8e478ec85af569c912
  • 31562bdf22a927837f6fdb333e72bc3cf8da067143cb3d99663ce7224d0f8901
  • 31a15a342e6d65ecf2987d83458f1ff5587662ea794a42b7f54393bd8531025d
  • 34fdb99c3e895a66c814aedf6e29c075ee5fac7aa1190903759ec08766bee28c
  • 36b4a9947b26ee3e86f495fce1a767a773b911b37bad2008215a5488314cf48d
  • 3ce09915fa674481076bac26a985c39a0252cc7452e0ff2ea4c9d62d38b49958
  • 3d1aaafea2a4757f1ccdd4759ec42ca566220fab7717efa2face1998ccc6a8c7
  • 3d99d924a59ef070c2f2df7de660b10704171fa74d68442bf80a076d1d4ae9de
  • 3f8e3f9fb2f2d2c6f5257d7ffd597be6758ca48867bef3aa83a244fcfcc9647b
  • 411f94f34ce1b603867f64689d91dfe7ffd92dd69a2ad5ef518fe3564401f69b
  • 41c4914a2cda7a9c3deb0a85a17c9f964c95dc1e0dbdfd8727d7d7ebaed3c66f
  • 44ba1192916ccc51c0bda43aa9a40d3ebb7f8480ce2554092ec2198e99e2f9ea
  • 474a0fa3ecddd9a7eef503c10a6e09f34384c7a301e6ba92474c8b809aff841a
  • 4f0d9b754402ac02b36b470e93cb712724a2c505c798d3cb8d23662c1303e4f2
  • 539ecf094f122790b157415933bb0122417015fff914a848ff5b83d1c3ce69eb
  • 53ca5aaf4786aa235795c9b4a2648bed523f38d115a5791bd26b3e22e9e6f109
  • 53e703d262af2c91d8be81ca0e32c7f9b3dbc8b6d571ad3a480bff020a8cae04
  • 54774aef9a494e29a072bc729f8482fba6dc530a045d40e4453d61beac8d8355
  • 56514cfce2dd75f2dafeebf385bc827bd1b7392f65bac98ec9791526f724fd66 
  • 5666d18866973f608cccf95c7dbf56d56bb3027121af701bd779f9ab794c53b1 
  • 56a1123d2c25a9ee7c674aa10ea8be720a23cabe74b68dca017c93944cee15e4 
  • 5b0ecde609dc384857508b71851062b6dc158d37d26ad3e6baf4407877ada9de 
  • 5b481fc971f724141c54e4fb6eb992056256098cd2284b717912a75714864179 
  • 5ca0afa8d1665d8ad314543c5924fc4c8679ffa5360a3ec4bb2e3a79a865b730 
  • 5f87cdf1ccd448d8f90b79d80153fbae143ec9dfa1c79a5ba9193609975d0d35 
  • 5f9fa969df10a03d38c26050655645c0b8cd00c4ae35b62d9e355815ef722b21 
  • 5fd89dab9bcdcd783ae96c0b42f5761d2d24a6192d730040a50ffb4b5c95850a 
  • 6168dc254c4c6dd6a5461c56fd1fdb65821f04d9ac23e4d70b62d447ce77971d 
  • 61c76044609b8f522546991b2683239bba734ca290981e5ed25099f46312fd04 
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  • be8bf730a23766f917c1f90e79bbd23c76b7a12572eeda4bc38ff46ce17f9c9a

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