CRMEB SQL 注入漏洞(CVE-2024-36837)

CVE-2024-36837 POC

write URL in url.txt and run
CRMEB SQL 注入漏洞(CVE-2024-36837)


In my freshman year, I found that an educational institution used CRMEB Mall as an online store in an Internet protection action. After testing, sql injection vulnerability was found. After setting up a local environment, the vulnerability was found in CRMEB version of CRMEB-KY v5.2.2 even higher

Sqlmap: python -u “http://XXX.URL/api/products?limit=20&priceOrder=&salesOrder=&selectId=0”
Vulnerability code area
File: website directory/app/API/controller/PC/ProductController. PHP
CRMEB SQL 注入漏洞(CVE-2024-36837)
In the getProductList function, passing arguments that are not validated or processed can easily result in the execution of malicious sql commands
Suggested fixes:
Using a web firewall
Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and mitigate potential security issues.
Vendor URL:
Project making warehouse URL:
Vendor Information:
Xi ‘an Zhongbang network Technology Co., LTD
CRMEB SQL 注入漏洞(CVE-2024-36837)

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